1Leaves ovate, base broadly cordate
1'Leaves ± elliptic, base rounded to acute.
2Petals present, clearly differentiated from the sepals. Carpels 3(-4). Endocarp crustaceous, smooth to wrinkled.
2'Clearly differentiated petals absent (occasionally 1). Carpels 4-6. Drupes 12-20 mm ø, drying shrivelled, glabrous. Endocarp thick, very hard, verrucose
3Male inflorescences fasciculate, the peduncles mostly 1-flowered.
3'Male inflorescences cymose (female peduncles sometimes 1-flowered).
4Drupes glabrous.
4'Drupes minutely tomentellous or puberulous. Male flowers on pedicels 5-10 mm. Lamina 8—12(—18) by 3-6(-8) cm
5Male flowers laxly fascicled, pedicels 3-5(-10) mm; lamina 6-9(-12) by 2.5-4(-5.5) cm, drying ± flat, lateral nerves not markedly impressed on upper surface
5' Male flowers densely clustered, pedicels up to 2 mm; lamina 10-17 by 3.5-7 cm, drying subbullate, main lateral nerves impressed on upper surface. Bengal, E. Himalaya, ?N Burma.
6Drupes minutely puberulous. Leaves often markedly bullate
6'Drupes glabrous. Leaves usually not bullate.
7Drupes 8-10 mm ø. Infructescences branched, slender, elongate up to 7 cm long
7'Drupes 15-30 mm ø, drying smooth (when ripe). Infructescences usually with rather thick peduncles, usually unbranched and fascicled when axillary, but branched when ramiflorous.