Pycnarrhena ozantha

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Pycnarrhena ozantha


Leaves with petioles (0.8-)1.2-2.3 cm; Inflorescences axillary or ramiflorous, fasciculate (or few-flowered racemes teste DIELS).


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, New Britain present, New Hebrides present, New Ireland present, Vanuatu present
New Hebrides (Vanuatu); in Malesia: New Guinea, New Britain, New Ireland.


The leaves are fragrant when crushed (CHEW RSNH 345) and the flowers are strongly scented (RAYNAL& GILLISONRSNH 16425). This species is notable in the genus for the lack usually of clearly differentiated petals and for the hard, bony, dorsally verrucose endocarp. The fruit wrongly de-scribed for this species in FORMAN, Kew Bull. 30 (1975) 98 was part of a mixed collection and represents Macrococculus pomiferus BECC.
The alkaloids of this species were investigated by LODER & NEARN in a study of tumour-inhibitory plants ().


FORMAN 1972 – In: Kew Bull.: 416