1Fruits with dull rust-coloured or greyish brown mealy hairs 0.1 mm or less, or (early) glabrescent.
1'Fruits with bright dark-chestnut or chocolate hairs 0.1-0.2 mm, apparently persistent. — E Papua New Guinea, Milne Bay Prov.
2Fruits with (sub)persistent indumentum (but hairs minute!); fruiting pedicel stout, 4-10 by 4-5(-7) mm, often longitudinally cracked with age, bracteole scar up to 3 mm below the fruit. — Papua New Guinea; (500-)700-1500(-2000) m.
2'Fruits glabrescent; fruiting pedicel more slender, 6-17 by 3-4 mm, smooth or fissured, bracteole scar 2-7 mm below the fruit. — West and East New Guinea; (1250-) 1500-2000 m.