1Flowering stems solitary, arising from the centre of a tuft of normal basal leaves; usually also 1-several cauline leaves with well developed leaves present. Lower bracts of the inflorescence foliaceous, the lowest overtopping the inflorescence.
1'Flowering stems several, scapiform, arising from the axils of the lower leaves or below the leaves; cauline leaves when present reduced to sheaths. Bracts of the inflorescence small, not foliaceous, none of them overtopping the inflorescence.
2Inflorescence paniculate, with well developed rays.
2'Inflorescence densely contracted, capituliform or capitate.
3Glumes obtuse, not mucronulate, 1½-2¼ mm long. Anthers oblong, ½-¾ mm long. Nut 1½-3 mm long
3'Glumes acute, mucronulate by the slightly excurrent mid-nerve, 4-5 mm long. Anthers linear, c. 1½ mm long. Nut 3-4 mm long
4Stems rather robust, 2-3 mm ø. Glumes chartaceous, acutish, with narrow scarious margins, 4-5 mm long. Anthers c. 1½ mm long. Nut with a narrow acute beak
4'Stems very slender, 1-1½ mm ø. Glumes thinly membranous, obtusish, 3-3½ mm long. Anthers ½-¾ mm long. Nut with a broad obtusish beak