Hypolytrum capitulatum

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Hypolytrum capitulatum


Leaves about as long as the stems, herbaceous, flat, 5-8 mm wide, two lateral nerves rather prominent, margins scaberulous towards the top; Inflorescence simple, densely contracted, capitate or almost so, with 3-6 spikelets, 1-2 cm across. Flowers slightly shorter than the glumes, narrowly elliptic, 2½-3 by 1 mm;


Asia-Tropical, Bukit Singkadjang present, Sendabai Lakes present, W. Borneo present
Malesia: W. Borneo (Bukit Singkadjang, Sendabai Lakes), only 3 collections.


Closely allied to H. compactum; differing from it in the much slenderer habit, the thinly membranous obtusish glumes with pellucid margins, the smaller anthers, the different shape of the beak of the nut, and the minutely ciliolate scales. Glumes with pellucid margins are also found in H. nemorum var. proliferum, but here the inflorescence is not capitate, the spikelets are smaller, and the glumes and nuts much smaller.
CLARKE, l.c., calls the hypogynous scales connate only at the base. However, they are fused on the adaxial side almost to the top, which is probably the case in all Malesian spp. They are torn up quite or almost to the base by the ripening nut, which is enclosed by the persistent scales.


UITTIEN 1936 – In: Rec. Trav. Bot. Néerl.: 155