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Perennial herbs with short rhizome. Leaves basal, rarely 1 or 2 distant on the stem, often reduced to the sheaths; Inflorescence paniculate, spike-like to much branched. Stamens 3;


Australasia, S. Asia present
Small genus (c. 5 spp.), all Australian, one species extending to S. Asia.


Allied to Schoenus and Lepidosperma; Schoenus is mainly characterized by the elongated, prominently zigzag upper internodes of the rachilla and the reduction of the upper flower in the spikelet; Lepidosperma can be recognized by the thick spongy perianth-scales under the fruit and the glabrous nuts.
The circumscription of the genus here accepted is that of BENTHAM in the Flora Australiensis. CLARKE and KÜKENTHAL restricted Tricostularia to 3 extra-Malesian spp., and removed T. undulata and T. paludosa to Cladium, Schoenus, or Costularia, which in my opinion is contrary to their natural relationships.


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