1Veins always simple except sometimes in basal acroscopic lobes of pinnae.
1'Veins normally forked except distal ones.
2Pinnae with some hairs on lower surface between veins; lobes of larger pinnae lobed more than half way to costule
2'Pinnae not hairy between veins on lower surface; pinna-lobes entire to crenate, shallowly lobed only on largest fronds.
3Pinnae rarely over 6 cm long; indusia bearing acicular hairs
3'Pinnae of well-grown plants 12 cm or more long; indusia bearing capitate hairs.
4Lower surface of costae and costules bearing copious capitate hairs.
4'Lower surfaces of costae and costules bearing sparse acicular hairs
5Texture thin, drying dark green; veins conspicuously branched.
5'Texture firm, drying yellow-green; veins forked near tips, branches little diverging