1Inflorescences/infructescences paniculate, terminal and axillary. Pedicels usually 5-7 mm
1'Inflorescences/infructescences racemose, axillary. Pedicels longer, 10-40 mm
2Leaves with 3-5 pairs of pinnae; stipules linear, caducous. Pedicels short, 10-12 mm. Petals suborbicular, subreniform, or broadly obovate, 12-16 mm long and wide. Seeds longitudinally positioned in the pod
2'Leaves with 5-9 pairs of pinnae; stipules lobed and usually relobed, often persistent at anthesis. Pedicels 20-40 mm. Petals obovate, 15-25 by 10-12 mm. Seeds more or less transversely positioned in the pod