1Pericarp 7(-10) mm thick. — Papua New Guinea; montane.
1'Pericarp 3-6 mm thick. — Lowlands and lower montane areas.
2Twigs pale brown, bark rough by numerous closely set lenticels. — Papua Barat (Bird's Head).
2'Twigs brown, bark with dispersed lenticels.
3Leaves subcoriaceous, margin revolute on drying. Indumentum of fruits with woolly hairs 1(—1.5) mm long. Indumentum of leaf bud and innovations with hairs 1 mm long. Fruiting pedicel 1—2(—3) mm. — W & S Papua Barat, SW Papua New Guinea (Western Prov.); lowlands.
3'Leaves membranous or chartaceous, margin usually flat. Indumentum of fruits with short or long hairs, 0.1—0.5(—1) mm. Indumentum of leaf bud and innovations with short or rather long hairs, 0.1-0.5 mm. Fruiting pedicel (3-)4-10 mm long. — Throughout New Guinea, incl. Bismarck Archipelago and Papuan Islands; lowlands, up to 1000(-1400) m.