1Leaflets often relatively narrow, mostly widest about or below the middle, the sides often nearly straight and parallel, apex usually acuminate, beneath usually distinctly glaucous, nerves fairly steep and only slightly curved
1'Leaflets relatively broad, mostly widest above the middle, the sides strongly curved, apex rarely acuminate, beneath hardly or not glaucous, nerves widely spreading and strongly curved
2Leaflets narrow, mostly 3-4 cm wide, index up to 4.5, with slightly curved to nearly parallel sides, midrib beneath often glabrous, veins and veinlets reticulate, veins often tending to scalariform
2'Leaflets up to 10 cm wide, index up to 3.5, with mostly curved sides, midrib beneath densely tomentellous, veins mostly distinctly scalariform, sometimes tending to coarsely reticulate, veinlets reticulate