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Asia-Tropical, Fernando Póo present, Mascarene Islands present, Pacific: Hawaii present; Samoa (Samoa present), S. Tome present, St Helena present, Tropical Africa present, tropical and subtropical Mainland Asia present
St Helena, S. Tome&Fernando Poo; tropical Africa; Mascarene Islands; tropical and subtropical Mainland Asia; Malesia; Samoa, Hawaii; about 20 spp.


This genus has been united by Pichi Sermolli with Macrothelypteris, but the two are very distinct in scales and spores. Pseudophegopteris differs also in its invariable mountain habitat; this is seen strikingly in the Pacific where Macrothelypteris torresiana and M. polypodioides are widely dispersed at low altitudes, Pseudophegopteris represented only by two isolated mountain species in Samoa and Hawaii.


Base chromosome number 31; P. pyrrhorhachis diploid, tetraploid and hexaploid (India, Ceylon); P. aurita diploid (N. India), tetraploid (New Guinea); P. cyclocarpa tetraploid; P. rectangularis tetraploid (N. India).


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