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Shrubs or treelets. Leaves shortly petioled, chartaceous, nerves close, parallel, ± straight, curving upward near the margin, forming an inconspicuous marginal nerve and a conspicuous, somewhat wavy nerve parallel to the margin at some distance, veinlets reticulate, joining in irregular secondary nerves parallel to the primary ones. Stipules small, intrapetiolarly united, caducous. Inflorescences lateral and/or terminal thyrses with ± reduced branches; Flowers with a short, columnar, 5-ribbed gynophore, enlarging and sometimes turning subglobular in fruit. Sepals 5, tinged pinkish, accrescent. Petals 5, yellow, creamy or white. Stamens 10 in 1 whorl; Ovaries 5, obovoid; Fruits 1-2(-5), yellowish green, turning dark purple or blue-black when ripe.


Africa, S. of the Sahara present, Asia-Temperate: Hainan (Hainan present), Asia-Tropical, Ceylon present, E. Thailand present, Madagascar present, SW. Peninsular India present, W. Malesia present
The majority of the species is found in Africa, S. of the Sahara, and in Madagascar. One sp. in SW. Peninsular India, Ceylon, E. Thailand, Indo-China, Hainan, and W. Malesia.


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