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Trees or treelets. Leaves shortly petioled, chartaceous, glossy above, nerves strongly curved to the apex, often some of the lower ones partly parallel to the margin, the higher ones joining successively, veinlets branching, ± transverse. Stipules small, free, often more or less laciniate, caducous. Inflorescence thyrsoid, but of umbelloid appearance, made up of simple or compound, distichously arranged, shortened cymes, the rachis often growing on vegetatively after flowering; Flowers with ± hemispherical torus, distinctly tumid and red in fruit. Sepals 5, accrescent, fleshy and red in fruit. Petals 5(-10), white or yellow. Stamens 10 (or ∞); Ovaries 5(-10), obovoid; Fruits 1-2(-5), greenish, turning black or almost so when ripe.


Africa present, Asia-Tropical, Madagascar present, NE. Queensland present, Pacific: Fiji (Fiji present)
2 or 3 spp. in tropical eastern Africa and Madagascar, probably forming a distinct section; in Malesia 4 spp. in 2 sections are found; a related species occurs in NE. Queensland and Fiji.


KANIS 1968 – In: Blumea: 41