Nephrolepis radicans

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Nephrolepis radicans


Habit, rhizome morphology. Plants terrestrial, forming tufts of 3-5 fronds. Hairs on lamina absent, on costa constantly present (also on lower surface, usually sparse).


Asia-Tropical: India present, New Caledonia present
India to Indochina; in Malesia: Throughout; New Caledonia.


One of the most distinct and easily recognizable species of Nephrolepis, with a unique growth form. In N. radicans the runners are strongly differentiated and three distinct types can easily be distinguished on a single plant. Thick runners which, in contrast to normal runners, tend to grow upwards, form dense scrambling thickets, attached to supporting vegetation by tendril-like runners originating on the frond-bearing rhizomes. These frond-bearing rhizomes are short, densely scaly side branches, each apparently with a limited growth and with a limited number of fronds; typically only 3 or 4 well-developed ones present at the same time. In addition, they also bear long runners which bear roots wherever they come into contact with a suitable substrate. Apart from this distinct growth form, this species is easily recognizable by the obtuse or rounded pinnae and the scales on the rhachis of the fronds that are somewhat bullate when dry.


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