Nephrolepis lauterbachii

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Nephrolepis lauterbachii


Habit, rhizome morphology. Hairs on lamina absent.


Asia-Tropical: Maluku (Maluku present); New Guinea present, Solomon Islands present
Malesia: Moluccas, New Guinea; Solomon Islands.


1. Typical N. lauterbachii has small pinnae (< 2 cm long), with a sinuous upper margin, at least the middle pinnae distinctly dimidiate, with the attachment at the basal corner. Often the upper pinnae are caducous, therefore plants often have long whip-like bare rhachises in older fronds. Although runners are frequently collected, bulbils are very rarely present, and then very small. Many collections have young plantlets at more or less regular intervals on main runners that are slightly thicker than the other ones.
2. Nephrolepis lauterbachii can best be distinguished from N. cordifolia by the rhachis scales, which are distinctly darker than the basal scales. In N. cordifolia, rhachis scales and basal scales have the same pale to light brown colour. For the distinction from the South American N. pectinata, see under that species.


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