Spergula arvensis

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Spergula arvensis


Very polymorphous annual. Leaves linear, 1-4 cm long, apparently whorled, somewhat succulent, furrowed on the lower side. Inflorescences terminal and from the upper leaf axils, ± lax-flowered; Sepals ovate, with scarious margin, 3-5 mm. Petals white, obovate, obtuse, as long as or slightly longer than the sepals. Stamens 10 or 5. Capsule ovoid, up to twice as long as the calyx. Seeds 1-2 mm, greyish, spherical, keeled or with a narrow wing;


Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Cosmopolitan present
Cosmopolitan In Malesia only introduced in the Philippines in the beginning of last century, now naturalised at Pauai at about 2400 m altitude.


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