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Annual, rarely perennial herbs. Leaves stipulate, linear, decussate, apparently whorled due to short, leafy shoots occurring in the leaf axils on both sides. Stipules scarious. Flowers subperigynous with short hypanthium. Sepals 5, free, green with scarious margin. Petals 5, white, entire. Stamens 10, rarely 5. Capsule ovoid or spherical, dehiscing by (3-)5 valves. Seeds ± lenticular, often winged or keeled.


Asia-Tropical, Mediterranean present, Patagonia present
Six species of which five are chiefly Mediterranean and one in Patagonia Spergula arvensis is a weed worldwide, also found occasionally in Malesia.


The genus is closely related to Spergularia and it has been suggested to combine the two genera. In that case Spergula will be the correct name.


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