Schisandra propinqua subsp. axillaris

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Schisandra propinqua subsp. axillaris


Woody vines, monoecious. Leaves coriaceous, 5-20 jam thick; lamina elliptic to ovate, 6-11.5 by 2-4.5(-5) cm, length: width ratio (2.0-)2.3-3.2(-3.5); primary vein plane to slightly impressed above, prominent to very prominent below; secondary veins (4-)5-6(-7) pairs, ± straight; base obtuse to truncate (acute in younger leaves), often short-decurrent; apex acute to acuminate; margin entire to denticulate, 0-8 teeth; petiole (8—)10—17(—21) mm long, (0.8-)1.0-1.5(-1.8) mm diameter. Flowers borne axillary to leaves on young growth, solitary; pedicel (2-)3-5(-12) mm long, 0.6-1.1 mm in diameter. Fruit pedicel short, 3-8 mm long; torus 30-50 mm long; berries 15-20 (possibly more), 6.7-8.5 by 6.6-8.2 mm, length: width ratio 0.9-1.2, berries borne on short stipes. Seeds (1 or) 2 per berry, ± discoid.


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa present); Lesser Sunda Is. (Bali present)
Malesia: Java and Bali.


Although there are numerous reports of 'S. axillaris' from Assam, Burma and Yunnan, Smith ( I.c.) has shown that these refer to S. propinqua (Wall.) Baill. var. intermedia A.C. Sm. . It is unclear whether the 'S. axillaris' pollen described by N. Mitroiu refers to S. propinqua subsp. intermedia or subsp. axillaris since no voucher specimens were cited, although the pollen structure appears to be identical nevertheless.


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