Illicium philippinense

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Illicium philippinense


Shrub or small tree, to 8 m height. Leaves ± coriaceous, elliptic, 5-7(-9) by 2-4 cm, midrib ± raised above and ± prominent below, apex acute to acuminate, base attenuate, margins ± revolute; petioles 8-10 mm long, groove ± absent on adaxial surface. Flowers axillary on young growth, generally solitary or few in clusters; pedicels 5-15 mm long at anthesis. Fruit of up to 11 follicles.


Luzon present, Mindoro present, Taiwan (Li, I.c.) present
Taiwan (Li, I.c.); Malesia: Philippines (Luzon, Mindoro).


The pollen has been illustrated by T.-C. Huang in Pollen Flora of Taiwan (1972) 125 and Saunders ( I.c.).