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Asia-Tropical: India present; Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka present), SE Asia present
A genus of 8 known species in SE Asia (including India and Sri Lanka) and Malesia (6 species).


This genus appears to be most nearly related to Pleocnemia, differing from the latter in free veins and in the absence of unicellular glands. But in Pteridrys cnemidaria (Christ) C. Chr. (from S China to NE India) there is occasional anastomosis of the basal veins of adjacent pinna-lobes and the relationship between these and the teeth in sinuses between lobes agrees with that in Pleocnemia. Apart from sinus-teeth, Pteridrys differs from free-veined species of Tectaria in the position of the basal basiscopic vein in each lobe which in Tectaria springs always from the costa.


n = 41 (Manton in Holttum 1955).


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