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Asia-Tropical: Philippines (Philippines present), Leyte present, Panay present, Samar present, southern Luzon present
A genus of one species, in Malesia native in the Philippines (southern Luzon, Leyte, Samar, Panay).


In 1926 Copeland distinguished two species, which are here united.

Sterile fronds in this genus have a venation like that of Tectaria singaporeana, but the extreme form of sterile fronds, as seen in the type of Tectaridium macleanii is so peculiar that a generic distinction appears warranted. Pichi Sermolli considered Tectaridium and Luerssenia to be closely allied, but the type of the latter (from Sumatra) has sori not significantly different from those of Tectaria pleiosora and the type species is here transferred to Tectaria, as T. kehdingiana. In my opinion Tectaridium represents a quite separate offshoot from Tectaria. Fronds intermediate between sterile and fully developed fertile offer significant evidence.


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Copl. 1947: Gen. Fil.: 131