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Trees, dioecious, without uncinate hairs. Leaves distichous or to laxly spirally arranged; stipules free, lateral to almost fully amplexicaul. Inflorescences axillary, unisexual; Flowers free, tepals 4 or 5, free; stamens (2-)4-6, straight in the bud; ovary free, stigmas filiform, 2 and equally or unequally long, or 1. Fruit a dehiscent drupe.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, New Caledonia present
The tribe comprises two genera, Antiaropsis confined to New Guinea, with 2 species and Sparattosyce, confined to New Caledonia, with one (or two?) species.


The tribe shows similarities to the Castilleae in the structure of the inflorescences but it clearly differs in the absence of connate tepals, the non-fleshy tepals of pistillate flowers in fruit, the free dehiscent drupes, and the absence of self-pruning branches (as part of the architectural model of Cook ().