Ehretia javanica

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Ehretia javanica


Tree up to 30 m high. Leaves: petioles 1-3.5 cm long; blade broadly lanceolate, ovate-lanceolate, oblong-lanceolate, obovate or suborbicular, 2-13 by 1-7.5 cm, margin entire or somewhat wavy, base obliquely truncate to rounded, apex acute, acuminate or obtuse, nerves 4-6(-7) on each side of midrib, upper side glabrous or with a very few hairs, lower side glabrous. Inflorescence terminal on short, lateral branches, subcorymbose, branchlets of last order at very acute angles, glabrous or with very few hairs; pedicels 1-3 cm long. Stamens shortly exserted (?). Fruit ellipsoidal, 10 mm long, 7-8 mm in diam. when compressed.


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present; Jawa (Jawa present); Lesser Sunda Is. (Bali present), Flores present, Sumbawa present
Malesia: Java, (Borneo?), Lesser Sunda Islands (Bali, Sumbawa, Flores).


Backer & Bakh. f. 1965 – In: Fl. Java: 460