Notothixos cornifolius

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Notothixos cornifolius


Leaf lamina narrowly elliptic or ovate, (3.5-)4.5-7(-9) by (1—)1.5—2.5(— 4) cm, sometimes falcate, attenuate at the base to a petiole 5-10 mm long, somewhat attenuate and rounded to acute at the apex. Inflorescence an indeterminate raceme of 4-11 decussate pairs of cymules, often with subsidiary racemes at the base; axis 25-60(-90) mm long; peduncles of the cymules 2-5 mm long; cymules 5- to 11-flowered with the central 1-5 flowers male.


Eastern New Guinea present, eastern Australia present
Eastern Australia; Malesia: eastern New Guinea.


Common in eastern Australia but known from only a single collection in New Guinea.


Barlow 1983 – In: Brunonia: 18