Weinmannia sect. Leiospermum

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Weinmannia sect. Leiospermum


Branching sometimes dichotomous. Stipules often ligulate, elliptic or ovate, the apex rounded or pointed. Inflorescence composed 1-3 partial inflorescences, usually inserted medially and laterally; Flowers pedicellate, inserted on axes of racemes singly, each pedicel subtended by a small bract. Capsules with valves often minutely ridged and indumentum strigose or absent;


Asia-Tropical: Bismarck Archipelago (Bismarck Archipelago present), Karkar Island present, Pacific, extending westwards to Papua New Guinea present, eastwards to the Marquesas present
17-19 species in the Pacific, extending westwards to Papua New Guinea (Bismarck Archipelago and Karkar Island) and eastwards to the Marquesas


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