Arenaria serpyllifolia

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Arenaria serpyllifolia


Annual or biennial herb, puberulous to glandular pubescent in upper part, up to 25 cm, usually richly branched from the base, ascending or erect. Lower leaves petiolate, spathu-late, early withering, the upper leaves ovate-triangular, acute to acuminate, sessile, 3-5-veined, 3-7 mm long, greyish green hairy. Inflorescence often monochasial, few- to many-flowered; Sepals ovate-narrowly elliptic, acute to acuminate, 3-4 mm, 3-5-veined. Petals ovate, shorter than sepals. Capsule ovoid-conical to subglobose, abruptly narrowed towards apex, walls rather brittle. Seeds tuberculate, less than 1 mm diameter.


Asia-Temperate: Taiwan (Taiwan present), Asia-Tropical: India present; Philippines (Philippines present), Australasia, Benguet present, Japan present, Luzon present, central African high mountains present, northern hemisphere, from the Arctic throughout the temperate and subtropical zone present
Widely distributed on the northern hemisphere, from the Arctic throughout the temperate and subtropical zone, also recorded from the central African high mountains. Found in India, Taiwan, Japan, China and Australia. In Malesia only found in the Philippines where, according to Merrill, l.c., it seems to be indigenous to Luzon (Benguet).


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