Adenia kinabaluensis

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Adenia kinabaluensis


Liana up to 20 m. Leaves thinly-coriaceous, brownish when dry, entire, ovate to ovate-elliptic, top acute, 1-1½ cm acuminate, base cordate to broadly rounded, 6-14 by 3½-11 cm, 3(-5)-pli-nerved and with 1(-2) pair(s) of strong nerves from near the base of the midrib, arching towards the top; Inflorescences peduncled for 2-12 cm, in ♂ up to 30-flowered, in ♀ 2-5-flowered; Fruit 1-2, globose, excluding the 20-30 mm long gynophore 3½-4 by 3½-4 cm; Seeds c. 15, suborbicular, 8-10 by 8-9 by 2-2½ mm, pitted;


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Sabah present), Mt Kinabalu region present, N. Borneo present
Malesia: N. Borneo (Sabah: Mt Kinabalu region). .


The leaves resemble those of A. macro-phylla var. smilacina and certain broad-leaved forms of var. macrophylla, but differ by the usually cordate base, the basal glands which extent onto the blade, and by the brown colour and different texture when dry. The ♂ flowers are smaller. The fruits resemble thick-valved forms of A. macrophylla var. macrophylla.