Polygala sect. Chamaebuxus

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Polygala sect. Chamaebuxus


Little-branched shrubs or small trees up to 6 m high, or low chamaephytes with woody base, sometimes very spiny. Inflorescences mostly extra-axillary and unbranched, raceme-like, rarely branched, or very short, 1-2-flowered and axillary. Flowers mostly turned upside-down. Sepals caducous before fruit-setting, the adaxial one saccate. Capsule about as wide as long or didymous, or sometimes (not in Mal.) spathulate, unwinged or narrowly winged. Seed at micropylar side with a short curved appendage and from there usually with a distinct, unlobed aril, at chalazal side inappen-diculate but chalazal area often slightly protruding;


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