Myosurus minimus L.

Myosurus minimus L.



    (Pe StE EC NC KK

    Greece (East Central Greece present; Kriti and Karpathos present; North Central Greece present; Peloponnisos present; Sterea Ellas present)


    Native / Non Range-Restricted


    Euro-Siberian, [Cosmopolitan]




    Freshwater habitats

    IUCN category

    Not Evaluated

    Presidential Decree 67/81



    On 26.4. 2017, Giorgos Zarkos collected a Myosurus on Mt Killini, by mud flats near Limni Dasiou, c. 1450 m. It was identified by Kit Tan as M. sessilis (syn. M. heldreichii Heldr. ex H. Lev.) and reported as a new record for Korinthia by George Zarkos in Phytologia Balkanica (2017).Photos taken by A. Strid in the same locality 29.4. 2018 match the similar M. minimus L. The understandable mistake was probably due to the fact that specimens from Mt Killini have scape shorter than the infructescence, a feature usually associated with M. sessilis. However, all other morphological characters as well as ecology and phytogeography strongly point to M. minimus. The latter was previously known from scattered localities in mountains of N & C Greece, southwards to Mt Iti, always in plateau at altitudes of 1200-2000 m. M. sessilis on the other hand is a plant of vernal pools at low altitude (<400 m) in the Aegean area. The two are closely related and sometimes regarded as subspecies of M. minimus.
    A. Strid, 2018

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