Begonia hispidissima Zipp. ex Koord. in Meded. Lands Plantentuin 19: 485. 1898

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Additional Publication

  • Koorders, Natuurk. Tijdschr. Ned.-Indie. 63: 90-91 (1904); Koorders-Schumacher, Suppl. Fl. Celebes 3: 46 (1922); Smith & Wasshausen, Phytologia 52: 444 (1983).

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  • Planta e fragmentis solum cognita, caulescens hispidissima. Caulis repens (?) vel erectus (?), ramosus; internodiis ad 7 cm longis. Foliorim stipulae persistentes, ovatae, acutae, ca. 1 cm longae; petioli ad 6 cm longi; laminae rectae vel obliquae, valde asymmetricae, oblongo-ellipticae, ad 11 cm longae, 5 cm latae, lateraliter paulo cordatae, late subacutae apiculataeque irregulariter dentatae. Inflorescentiae typi unisexuales, axillares, haud ramosae; pedunculi 15-17 mm longi; bracteae persistentes, ovatae, acutae, 5-6 mm longae; inflorescentia masculina racemosa, pauciflora; florum tepala exteriora suborbicularia; inflorescentia feminea biflora; axis brevissimus. Fructus capsula, ellipsoidea, 1 cm longa; alae subequales, triangulares, truncatae. (Smith, L.B. & Wasshausen, D.C. 1983: Notes on Begoniaceae. – Phytologia 52: 441-451)


  • IUCN category: DD. The limits between this species and B. masarangensis Irmsch. need clarifying. [see Notes] (Hughes, M. An annotated checklist of Southeast Asian Begonia. 2008)


Endemic to Indonesia, Sulawesi, North Sulawesi.

Some specimens from Central Sulawesi have been identified as Begonia hispidissima (cited in Hughes, 2008), but these require re-examination.


  • The collections I have seen in B and L, collected and annotated by Zippelius, are from New Guinea, and obviously a different taxon to the lectotype. The collection by Koorders designated as the lectotype (Smith & Wasshausen, 1983) is annotated by Warburg as "Begonia hispidissima Warb. n. sp.", and it would seem that this is the taxon that Koorders validated. (Hughes, M. An annotated checklist of Southeast Asian Begonia. 2008)
  • The original description is legal but so brief as to be completely useless. Unfortunately the Warburg detailed manuscript in Bogor is not available. (Smith, L.B. & Wasshausen, D.C. 1983: Notes on Begoniaceae. – Phytologia 52: 441-451)
  • Koorders (1904) cited two specimens: Warburg 16240b from Gunung Masarang, and Warburg 19241b, presumably from Gunung Lolomboelan. The latter was designated as lectotype by Smith and Wasshausen (1983). The former conforms with Begonia masarangensis, which, based on morphology (see respective Image tabs) and DNA sequence data (Thomas et al., 2012), is well distinct from Begonia hispidissima.[Note by D.C.Thomas; 1/8/2013]

Molecular Systematics

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  • see Thomas et al., 2012 (Thomas, D.C., Hughes, M., Phutthai, T., Ardi, W.H., Rajbhandary, S., Rubite, R., Twyford, A.D. & Richardson, J.E. 2012: West to east dispersal and subsequent rapid diversification of the mega-diverse genus Begonia (Begoniaceae) in the Malesian archipelago. – Journal of Biogeography 39: 98-113)