1Ovary hairy
1'Ovary glabrous
2Inflorescences terminal on leafy shoots
2'Inflorescences lateral on short side branches
3Stipules foliaceous, reniform, more or less falcate to ovate
3'Stipules linear, acute
4Leaflets rounded to obtuse at apex; rachis of inflorescence stout; calyx dark red; petals 2.5-3.5 cm long
4'Leaflets apically acute; rachis of inflorescence slender; calyx green; petals 1.5-2 cm long
5Sepals 6-9 mm; petals 20-32 mm
5'Sepals 4-4.5 mm; petals 15-20 mm
6Stipules 2 cm across; petals distinctly clawed, 15-35 mm; pods up to 60 cm long, 2.5 cm broad
6'Stipules 1 cm across; petals narrowed towards the base, 15-18 mm; pods up to 35 cm long, 1-1.3 cm broad