Key to the species of Sogerianthe

1Bracts united into a shallow 3-lobed cup; pedicel mostly not visibly articulate
1'Bracts free or with two of them partly or completely fused and placed opposite to and slightly to strongly imbricate with the third; pedicel obsolete or up to 7 mm long, when visible usually articulate near or above the middle
2Bracts 1-1.5 mm long, not completely enclosing the ovary; pedicel mostly 4-7 mm long, articulate above the middle, rarely obsolete
2'Bracts 2-4 mm long, imbricate, enclosing the ovary; pedicel 0.5-2 mm long, articulate near the middle or with the lower segment obsolete and thus apparently not articulate
3Leaves long acuminate, brown tomentose below; corolla in bud ferrugineous, finely acute
3'Leaves obtuse to acute and shortly acuminate, more or less glabrous below; corolla in bud glabrous, rounded, clavate