Key to the species of Notothixos

1Inflorescence a single terminal cymule; indumentum consisting of peltate scales mixed with dendritic hairs
1'Inflorescence of 3 or more cymules on a common axis; indumentum lacking peltate scales among the dendritic and stellate hairs
2Inflorescence of 3 or 4 decussate cymules, each produced from the central bud of the one below it
2'Inflorescence of 3 to many cymules on a common axis, borne laterally in 1 or more decussate pairs, with or without a terminal cymule
3Lateral cymules pedunculate, each with 5-11 flowers
3'Lateral cymules sessile, each 3-flowered
4Tomentum cream to brown, mostly golden, persisting as a dense felt on the lower leaf surfaces; cataphylls narrowly triangular, not sheathing the stem, not at a visible nodal articulation
4'Tomentum white or tawny, becoming sparse on lower leaf surfaces with age; cataphylls broadly triangular, partly sheathing the stem, often at a nodal articulation..
5Young leaves with tomentum similar on both sides; leaf lamina 12-15(-20) mm wide; inflorescence axis 15-20(-40) mm long with 7-10 pairs of triads
5'Young leaves usually with tomentum paler on the upper side; leaf lamina (5-)22-30 (-50) mm wide; inflorescence axis 30-60 mm long with 9-14 pairs of triads