1Flowers all sessile. Tepals united into a tube. Capsules included in bracts or spathes.
1'Flowers all pedicelled. Tepals free or nearly so. Capsules exserted from bracts or spathes.
2Flowers actinomorphic. Inner tepals inconspicuous. Stamens united into an undivided or trifid tube. Caespitose or rhizomatous herbs or undershrubs
2'Flowers ± zygomorphic. Tepals unequal. Stamens free. Cormogenous herbs.
3Tepals clawed. Stamens free.
3'Tepals not clawed.
4Cormogenous herbs. Stamens appressed against the back of the style-arms. Ovary not beaked. Style trifid with bilobed arms
4'Rhizomatous herbs. Stamens not appressed against the back of the style-arms. Ovary beaked. Style trifid with undivided arms
5Tepals shortly connate, subequal. Stamens united into a tube, rarely nearly free. Caespitose to rhizomatous herbs
5'Tepals free, the inner ones smaller. Stamens free. Bulbous herbs