1Flower buds pubescent at base. [Ovary pubescent. Fruits pubescent, ellipsoid, 2.5-4 cm long. Flowers in dense clusters and strongly fragrant in male specimens.] — Originating from Sri Lanka, cultivated in Penang, Singapore and elswhere
1'Buds glabrous or early glabrescent
2Perianth 2-lobed. Ovary glabrous
2'Perianth 3- (or 4-)lobed. Ovary glabrous or pubescent
3Twigs ridged or lined. Leaves membranous, often with irregular whitish blotches. Fruits and seeds globose. — Plant usually riverine, in coastal areas.
3'Twigs not lined. Leaves without pale blotches. Fruits and seeds ellipsoid
4Leaves membranous, glabrous beneath, dots absent. — Gardens' Jungle, Singapore (originating from E Malesia)
4'Leaves coriaceous, beneath pubescent and with dots (lens!) — Kerangas, peat swamp forest
5Leaves with dots beneath (dots not to be confused with smaller dark punctation)
5'Leaves without dots beneath
6Leaves with persistent indumentum beneath
6'Leaves glabrous or glabrescent beneath
7Ovary pubescent. Fruits pubescent or at least with vestigial indumentum near the base; perianth not persistent
7'Ovary glabrous or with some incidental minute hairs. Fruits glabrous, perianth (at least at first) persistent
8Hairs on lower (and upper) leaf surface harsh, with hardened hair bases, in older leaves rendering the surface scabrous. Fruits 1-1.4 cm long.
8'Leaves not scabrous. Fruits 2 cm long or more
9Twigs 3-5 mm diam. Leaf bud and twig apex with hairs 0.2-0.3 mm long. Leaf blade 13-21 cm long, [matt above on drying. Fruits 2.2-2.4(-3) cm long]
9'Twigs 5-10 mm diam. Leaf bud and twig apex with hairs 0.5 mm long or more. Leaf blade 20-40(-70) cm long
10Leaf bud, twig apex and lower leaf surface with rather stiff, rust-coloured hairs 0.5-1 mm long. Fruits 3.8-5.5 cm long
10'Leaf bud, twig apex and lower leaf surface with yellow-brown or pale brown woolly hairs 1-2 mm long. Fruits 3 cm long
11Twigs pale brown or straw, contrasting with the blackish petiole. Leaves either distichous or in 3-5 rows along the twigs
11'Twigs brown, not contrasting with the petiole. Leaves distichous
12Leaves distichous or in 3 rows
12'Leaves in 3-5 rows along the twigs. [Pedicel not articulated. Fruits 3-5.5 cm long, perianth not persistent.]
13Leaves distichous. Pedicel not articulated. Male perianth ± ellipsoid, 2-2.4 mm long. Fruits not known
13'Leaves distichous or in 3 rows. Pedicel articulated (this character best seen in male flowers). Male perianth globose, smaller. Fruits 2.5-3.5 cm long, perianth persistent
14Leaf upper surface matt on drying caused by fine wrinkles; nerves flat or sunken. Fruits usually with persistent perianth
14'Leaves above not particularly matt, not finely wrinkled; nerves flat or raised. Perianth not persistent under the fruits
15Lateral nerves flat or but faintly raised above
15'Lateral nerves distinctly raised above. [Pedicel articulated; this character best seen in male flowers.]
16Leaf bud with hairs 1 mm long. [Midrib narrow, line-shaped, sunken above; blade margin rolled-in.]
16'Leaf bud with hairs much shorter
17Leaf bud with hairs 0.1 mm long. Twigs 2.5-5 mm diam. Leaves 15-27 cm long. Pedicel not articulated
17'Leaf bud with hairs 0.2-0.4 mm long. Twigs 1.5-3.5 mm diam. Leaves 5-15 cm long. Pedicel articulated
18Leaf bud with hairs 0.1 mm long. Midrib early glabrescent beneath. Fruits 4.5-6.5 cm long, with thick pericarp
18'Leaf bud with hairs 0.1 mm long or usually much longer. Midrib often late glabrescent beneath. Fruits 2-4 cm long, pericarp 2-5(-7) mm thick
19Twigs ± angular, lined or low-ridged. [Fruits 2-3(-4) cm long.]
19'Twigs terete, neither lined nor ridged
20Twigs 1-3 mm diam. Leaves membranous. Fruits 2.3-2.4 cm long
20'Twigs 2-5 mm diam. Leaves usually chartaceous. Fruits 1.9-3.5 cm long