Stegnogramma aspidioides

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Stegnogramma aspidioides


Asia-Tropical: Borneo (Sabah present); Sumatera (Sumatera present), Ceylon absent, G. Kemiri present, G. Kerinci present, G. Singgalang present, Khasya absent, Mt Kinabalu present, West and Central Java present
Malesia: West and Central Java; Sumatra (G. Kemiri, G. Singgalang, G. Kerinci); Sabah (Mt Kinabalu). Wrongly recorded from Khasya and Ceylon by Hooker and Beddome.


Hook. 1864 – In: Spec. Fil.: 150
Hook. 1854 – In: Ic. Pl.: t. 950
v.A.v.R. 1917: Handb.: 319
Racib. 1898 – In: Fl. Btzg: 70
v.A.v.R. 1908: Handb.: 508
C. Chr. 1934 – In: Gard. Bull. S. S.: 250
Backer & Posth. 1939: Varenfl. Java: 63