Heliotropium madurense

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Heliotropium madurense


Annual, 6-35 cm high. Leaves sessile, soon evanescent, linear, 0.7-1.5 by c. 0.1 mm, tapering towards base, apex subacute to obtusish, midrib deeply impressed, no lateral nerves present, margins revolute, covered by antrorse, bristly hairs on lower side arising from one circle of mineralized cells, white incrustations sometimes also present along margins. Inflorescence spike-like; lower bracts 2.5 mm, upper ones 1.5 mm long; pedicels 1-1.2 mm long at least in fruit, arising at about 2-3 mm distance from each other, divaricate to suberect. Stamens: anthers subsessile in upper part of tube, ovate. Fruit separating into 4 nutlets, constricted at margins of nutlets, 1 mm high, white-powdery on surface.


Madura endemic
Malesia: endemic to Madura.


The specimens seen are obviously identical with what Backer & Bakhuizen van den Brink (1965) called H. paniculatum. These authors also mention as only occurrence the island of Madura.