Coryphopteris unidentata

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Coryphopteris unidentata


Asia-Tropical: Malaya present, G. Bintang present, G. Bubu present, G. Inas present, Perak present
Malesia: Malaya. Only known from G. Bubu, G. Bintang and G. Inas in Perak.


The presence of a single large tooth at the basiscopic base of lobes of basal pinnae, which is denoted by the name unidentata, occurs only on the type collection. The others are smaller (the smallest frond has pinnae to 12 x 1.8 cm) but otherwise do not differ. The septate hairs at base of stipe are shorter than those on C. hirsutipes.


C. Chr. 1929 – In: Gard. Bull. Str. Settl. p 388