Ctenitis subglandulosa

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Ctenitis subglandulosa


Asia-Temperate:, Taiwan (Taiwan present) Asia-Tropical:, Lesser Sunda Is. (Bali present); Philippines (Philippines present) E Java: present E New Guinea: present Guam: present Luzon: present Mindoro: present NE India: present Pacific:, Fiji (Fiji present) Panay: present Ryukyu Is: present S China: present S Japan: present
NE India, S China, Taiwan, Ryukyu Is., S Japan, Guam; in Malesia: E Java, Bali, Philippines (Luzon, Panay, Mindoro), E New Guinea; Fiji


Copeland (1960) distinguished C. rhodolepis from C. subglandulosa in the Philippines, but all specimens seen by me from the Philippines appear to belong to one species.


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