Mesophlebion motleyanum

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Mesophlebion motleyanum


Asia-Tropical: Borneo present; Malaya present; Sumatera (Sumatera present), Peninsular Thailand present
Peninsular Thailand, in Malesia: Malaya, Sumatra, Borneo.


The type of Dryopteris vinosicarpa v.A.v.R. was a small plant but fertile. In 1975 I associated with it some small plants from mid- mountain forest in Malaya, restricting the name M. motleyanum to larger lowland plants which were thinner in texture. But plants from Sarawak, now in cultivation at Kew, bridge the gap between the two forms. Some specimens may represent hybrids between this species and M. crassifolium, but in general the two species appear to be distinct.


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