Sisyrinchium pulchellum

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Sisyrinchium pulchellum


Glabrous herb, 10-35 cm high. Leaves cauline, distichous, linear, 4-22 cm by 1-10 mm. Inflorescences in 1-2-flowered, contracted cymes, a few at a cauline leaf, each cyme with 1 spathe: Flowers c. 5 mm long. Stamens nearly free, filaments c. 4 mm, anthers 1 mm long. Ovary ellipsoid, c. 1 mm long; Capsules globular, 2-5 mm ø; Seeds black, 1 mm ø.


Asia-Tropical: New Guinea present, Australasia: New South Wales (New South Wales present); Tasmania (Tasmania present); Victoria (Victoria present), East Malesia present, Lake Habbema area present, Mt Antares present, New Zealand present
New Zealand, Australia (New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania), and East Malesia: New Guinea (Lake Habbema area and Mt Antares in West, many localities in East). .


MOORE (l.c. 255-275) studied the variation in New Zealand and distinguished three species among which are two polyploids.


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