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Leaves elliptic or obovate to (obovate-)oblong, glabrous; Inflorescence terminal or axillary to the highest leaves, erect, poorly branched; Flowers bisexual, 5-(4-)isomerous, almost sessile. Sepals triangular, persistent. Petals unguiculate, with suborbicular, irregularly lobed lamina, in bud covering the stamens as a hood, soon caducous. Stamens persistent; Ovary half-inferior, the lower part adnate to the receptacle, the top part semiglobose, puberulous, (3-), 4- or 5-carpellate, (3-), 4- or 5-locular, septs not connate; Capsule almost inferior, broad-ellipsoid, small, pericarp chartaceous, puberulous, inside dehiscent down to the bottom with (3) 4 or 5 valves of which only the upper ¼ protrudes from that part of the pericarp that is surrounded by and fused with the enlarged receptacle, at the top often kept together by the non-splitting stigma. Ovules 3 per locule, inserted in vertical position, basally between the septs. Seeds 3 per locule (1 or 2 sometimes not developed), small, in vertical position;


Asia-Tropical:, Borneo present W. New Guinea: present
Malesia: Borneo and W. New Guinea (sterile coll.). .


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