Dianthus barbatus

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Dianthus barbatus


Perennial, ± tufted, erect herb, up to 60 cm. Leaves on flowering shoots grass-green, narrowly elliptic, often shortly petiolate, finely serrate-ciliate, 6-12 by 1.2-4 cm, the lower obtuse, the upper acuminate to acute. Flowers many together in a head, most often very dense, but sometimes with more elongate branching; Petals pink to dark red, 10-15 mm long, fine and irregularly dentate, finely barbate, very variable in cultivated forms.


Asia-Tropical: Jawa (Jawa cultivated), central and submediterranean Europe present
Indigenous to the mountains of central and submediterranean Europe In Malesia: cultivated in Java as an ornamental in the montane regions.


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