Utricularia scandens

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Utricularia scandens


Terrestrial. Inflorescence twining, 3-35 cm long; Ovary ovoid, style short, indistinct, stigma lower lip semi-orbicular, upper lip similar, smaller. Capsule oblong-ovoid, dorsiventrally compressed, membranous, 2-2.5 mm long, dehiscing by a single ventral longitudinal marginally thickened slit. Seeds numerous, broadly ellipsoid or ovoid, c. 0.2 mm long, testa thin, smooth, reticulate, reticulations elongate, hilum lateral, prominent.


Aru Is present, Asia-Tropical: India present; Malaya (Peninsular Malaysia present); New Guinea present, G. Ledang present, Madagascar present, N. Australia present, South Africa present, Tropical Africa present
Tropical Africa, South Africa, Madagascar, India, Indo-China, through Malesia to N. Australia; in Malesia: a single record from Malay Peninsula (G. Ledang) and more widespread in New Guinea and the adjacent Aru Is.


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