Dysphania anthelmintica (L.) Mosyakin & Clemants

Dysphania anthelmintica (L.) Mosyakin & Clemants

Placement status: name or taxon excluded (unspecific) (Collections of true Dysphania anthelmintica have not been seen from Greece for the time being. Specimens so determined by Willing were re-determined by Uotila (Uotlia et al. 2021) as Dysphania ambrosioides.)


  • Chenopodium anthelminticum L.

Taxon info

Plants reported from Greece under the name Dysphania anthelmintica in previous literature (Kleinsteuber & al. 2016, Willing & Willing 2018) turned out to be misidentified (rev. P. Uotila) and belong to D. ambrosioides (see Uotila & al. 2021).

- Kleinsteuber A., Ristow M. & Hassler M. (ed.) 2016: Flora von Rhodos und Chalki. Band 1: Allgemeiner Teil. Spezieller Teil: Polypodiopsida, Equisetopsida und Lycopodiopsida. Pinopsida und Gnetopsida. Magnoliopsida (Familien A‒F) . ‒ Karlsruhe: Naturwissenschaftlicher Verlag A. Kleinsteuber.
- Uotila P., Sukhorukov A. P., Bobon N., McDonald J., Krinitsina A. A. & Kadereit G. 2021: Phylogeny, biogeography and systematics of Dysphanieae (Amaranthaceae). – Taxon 70: 1–26.
- Willing R. & Willing E. 2018: A Willing Contribution to Flora Hellenica. Field records 2014. – Berlin: Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin. – Published online, 16 February 2018. DOI: https://doi.org/10.3372/wfr2014


Alien / Non-established


[North American], [Central American]


Therophyte, Hemicryptophyte


Agricultural and Ruderal habitats

IUCN category

Not Evaluated

Presidential Decree 67/81


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