Begonia vermeulenii D.C.Thomas in Edinburgh J. Bot. 68(2): 248. 2011

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CountryDateCollector + collecting numberHerbariaTypeScanDerivatives
Indonesia2003-09-15Vermeulen, J.J. 2301SING, WAG
Citation: Indonesia, Sulawesi, Sulawesi Selatan, Buntu area, Kampong Lokkok, alt. 1500 m, 3°13'S, 119°48'E, limestone slope with remnants of primary forest, secondary forest, low scrub, grassland and agricultural land; in disturbed primary forest with dense undergrowth, 15 Sep 2003, Vermeulen, J.J. 2301

Specimen summary: SING
Isotype of Begonia vermeulenii D.C.Thomas

Specimen summary: WAG
Holotype of Begonia vermeulenii D.C.Thomas