Austrobuxus celebicus

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Austrobuxus celebicus


(Shrubs to) trees, up to 13 m high, dbh up to 30 cm; Leaves: Inflorescences single, basally cymose to upward imperfectly cymose, sericeous, staminate ones up to 2.4 cm long; Fruits ellipsoid, 9-12 by 8-9 mm, wall thin, up to 1 mm thick; Seeds 5.5-6 by c. 3 by 1.5-2 mm, shiny dark brown when dry, caruncle black when dry, consisting of long, wavy papillae in a lax group, up to 5 mm long.


Asia-Tropical: Sulawesi (Sulawesi endemic)
Malesia: Endemic on Sulawesi.


Very likely an endemic species of ultrabasic soils.