Silene gallica

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Silene gallica


Polymorphous annual. Leaves narrowly obovate-elliptic to spathulate, pubescent. Flowers in one to several monochasial cymes with the appearance of a one-sided raceme. Petals white or pink, often with dark red spot or dark veins, lamina entire or emarginate, 3-5 mm. Capsule ovoid, 5-10 mm; Seeds reniform, grey, brown or black, faces deeply concave, striate or minutely tubercled, c. 1 mm.


Asia-Tropical, Timor present, the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East
Indigenous to the Mediterranean basin and the Middle East, from there spread as a weed to most warmer parts of the world. In Malesia recorded from Timor.


Greuter, l.c., proposed to conserve the name Silene gallica against S. anglica L., S. cerastioides L., S. lusitanica L., and S. quinquevulnera L.


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