Schizomeria versteeghii

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Schizomeria versteeghii


Tree 12-27 m high. Leaves with petiole 0.7-1.5 cm and blade coriaceous, 6-21+ (leaf broken) by 3.3-13.7 cm, elliptic or ovate-elliptic, sometimes conduplicate, with the base rounded to truncate and the apex acute-apiculate to acuminate, drying yellowish or yellow-green above, glabrous above and almost so below; Stipules not seen. Inflorescence false-terminal, the apical bud dormant or perhaps aborted; Flowers bisexual and male, 8.5-11 mm diameter; 5-6(-7)-merous (except for gynoecium), sessile; Fruit ± spherical, 2.5-2.9 by 2.4-2.7 cm;


Asia-Tropical, highlands of New Guinea present
Malesia: Highlands of New Guinea.




Most similar to S. clemensiae, differing largely in the density of the indu-mentum, especially on the inflorescence, and in the length of the pedicels (see Perry 1949).