Schizomeria novoguineensis

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Schizomeria novoguineensis


Tree 16-40 m high, the bole up to 70 cm diameter, buttresses absent. Leaves with petiole 0.9-1.7 cm and blade subcoriaceous to coriaceous, 5-11 by 2.5-5.8 cm, elliptic or ovate-elliptic, rarely broadly or narrowly elliptic, with the base acute or rarely somewhat truncate and the apex acute or rarely obtuse; Stipules 0.9-1.5 cm long, broad at base (2-5 mm) and tapering to a narrow tongue 1.5-2 mm wide, rounded at apex, with dense adpressed in-dumentum on abaxial surface. Inflorescence usually false-terminal, the apical bud aborted, dormant or vegetative; Flowers bisexual or rarely male (?), 4-5 mm diameter; (4- or) 5-merous (except for gynoecium); Fruit spherical or slightly oblate, somewhat irregular, up to c. 2 by 2.2 cm;


Asia-Tropical, highlands of New Guinea present
Malesia: Highlands of New Guinea.




The structure of the inflorescence is unusual and where the apical bud is vegetative, it starts to produce young leaves during flowering. This means that while the flowers are around the edge of the foliage, the fruits will be formed amongst young leaves.